Post holiday skincare

Post holiday skincare

There’s more  of a tang of autumn in the air now and it’s time to get ready to get the children back to school, think about putting away those summer clothes and watching the evenings grow darker.

And if you’ve had a late summer holiday or you’re about to, then you also need to be thinking about post holiday skincare

If you’ve got a bit of a tan whilst you’re away and you want to keep that golden glow for as long as possible, then you need to exfoliate.  In addition, as your tan fades, you may find that your skin gets a bit dryer and even a bit scalier in places, so keeping it polished and moisturised is the key to keeping it looking good.

It sounds a bit contradictory but in fact sloughing off the dead sea with gentle exfoliation and then moisturising will actually make your tan glow for longer.

Start off by showering with our Dead Sea Natural Mineral Shower Creme and then scoop up a handful of our Dead Sea Frankincense Body Scrub. Work it over your arms and legs, paying particular attention to elbows and heels. Then rinse off and enjoy the silky smooth feeling of your skin.

When your skin is still damp it’s time to moisturise. Use our Dead Sea Natural Mineral Body Lotion, again working into areas like heels, knees, elbows where the skin can be a bit dry.

Now you can either leave things as they are – or prolong your glow by applying a fake tan. There are some amazing products around now.  Some give you an instant glow, which have the advantage of letting you see immediately where the tan is going and which areas you need to blend so that you don’t get uneven lines and blotches. Although if you’ve prepped your skin carefully, by exfoliating and moisturising as above, this is much less likely to happen.

Another type we like which is subtle and give you a gradual glow, are those moisturiseres with a built-in tanner that works slowly, and builds up a tan the more you use it. Althgough these are moisturisers, it’s still a good idea to use a separate moisturiser beforehand so your skin is really really prepped well.

That’s also why we say pay attention to areas like heels, elbows and knees. If you put on fake tan in these areas without moisturising, you will get a tell-tale darker area and streaky fake tan is far worse than having pale legs!

Post holiday skincare shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes or so a day. But if you invest the time in it, you’ll get to keep that holiday glow for longer, through more of these autumn days.

In addition, we’re currently running a three for two offer in Boots at the moment – so there’s no better time to buy your Dead Sea products ….

Multi-tasking beauty products

Multi-tasking beauty products

Do you ever get the feeling that life just seems to be one big rush – that you never get time to do things in quite the way you’d like?

It’s often a juggling act to pull everything together.

Which is why our multi-tasking beauty products will help you to keep that balancing act going.

Take our Genuine Dead Sea Bath Salts. Pour a handful in a warm bath at the end of the day and you can relax in the waters, knowing that you are doing everything you can to promote a good night’s sleep so that you feel refreshed the next day. You’ll also be helping along any skin conditions you may suffer from like eczema and psoriasis, as our Bath Salts have been reported to have a very beneficial effect.

On the other hand, if you’re a shower sort of person you could try out our Shower Cream which will cleanse and relax and flush out toxins ( so perfect if you’ve just been to the gym). It doesn’t dry out the skin either and again could help soothe skin problems.

People with skin conditions have reported very good results after using our Dead Sea products – particularly those with eczema and psoriasis – so our products don’t just clean your skin naturally (and without using any animal fats) but as a by-product you may also notice that your skin improves dramatically.

Our Black Mud Mask soap is another multi-tasking product. Forget having to have a cleanser for your face in the shower and another for your body. Use our Black Mud Mask soap all over your skin – it has a cumulatively beneficial effect reducing acne, eczema and psoriasis symptoms. Although of course you don’t have to suffer from any of these to appreciate the results it brings.

Many users like to lather it up and leave on their face for a minute or so, letting it as a face pack.

Try our products and you may discover that you don’t need to cram your bathroom shelves quite so full after all. One product, like our Black Mud Mask soap, will cleanse and detoxify your skin beautifully.

None of our Dead Sea bathcare items are expensive – the soaps start at £3.77 in Boots and you can buy everything online here.


Tested by the Telegraph – who pronounce our Dead Sea Body Scrub a beauty winner!

Tested by the Telegraph – who pronounce our Dead Sea Body Scrub a beauty winner!

Sometimes amazing products can surprise you.

Which is just what happened when the Telegraph reviewed our Dead Sea Body Scrub.

Our packaging may not be the most glossy or expensive (which is why we manage to keep the price of our products affordable) because we think it’s what’s inside that counts.

And that’s exactly what the Telegraph beauty editor Katy Young  discovered.

After using the scrub she raved about it, saying: “an excellent, all-natural, body scrub to really smooth and polish skin (without any harsh scraping or scratching), while the frankincense oil doubles up as a pampering ritual too.  The oil stays on skin for a gorgeous glow, so that your skin looks shiny and new, and so that you won’t have to add body moisturiser post-shower. An unsuspecting beauty winner!”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

The Dead Sea Body Scrub is perfect for prepping your skin when you’re off to the beach or baring your limbs in shorts or summer skirts. And at just £7.79 a pot in Boots, isn’t it time you tried it?

You can read the Telegraph beauty editor’s review in full here


What are your eczema triggers?

What are your eczema triggers?

There’s no doubt about it. Eczema is a miserable condition to suffer from – uncomfortable, unsightly and because it often flares up when you’re feeling stressed and under pressure, it’s always unwelcome.

However with careful management, you can reduce eczema symptoms. It’s all about knowing what might trigger your eczema. Keeping an eczema diary might help – writing down what you eat, what’s going on in your life, where you are and even what the weather is like. Here’s a list of common eczema triggers to be thinking about …

Buying new clothes. We all love new clothes and new additions to our wardrobe. But be mindful of fabrics – some synthetics, wool and rough fabrics can irritate the skin. When you buy something new, wash it before you wear it to get rid of any dye that could leak onto your skin and to remove the ‘finish’ some manufacturers put on a fabric to help it hang better in the shop.

Washing your clothes. Be careful about the detergent you use to wash your clothes. Choose non-biological powders and liquids and always wear gloves if you’re handwashing (or washing up). Make sure clothes are really well rinsed too to get rid of the soap.

Don’t get too hot. Hot, humid weather doesn’t help eczema. Seek out the shade and air-conditioned areas if possible and sleep with a fan at night to keep your skin cool.

Hay fever. When the weather gets warmer, that’s when the pollen count goes up which can also cause eczema to be a problem. You might need to take an antihistamine. It’s a good idea to have a shower and wash your hair after you come indoors to get rid of any pollen sticking to your hair and skin.

Watch what you eat. Dairy, soya, fish, nuts, wheat have all been identified as eczema triggers. If you’re concerned, ask your doctor to do a patch test which will show which foods you are allergic to.

Your make-up. Make-up is supposed to make you look your best – but be careful of what your make-up contains. Products like perfume, lanolin, preservatives and alcohol don’t usually sit well with eczema sufferers so check packaging and look for words like ‘fragrance free’ and ‘hypoallergenic’. Always do a patch test when trying something new.

It’s always useful to talk to other eczema sufferers to discover what they’ve identified as eczema triggers, what they avoid and what they find help.

Read our testimonials and you’ll see that many people have found our natural Dead Sea products extremely soothing when treating eczema. None of them contain chemicals – they are SLS and paraben free.

A soak in our natural Genuine Dead Sea Bath Salts can soothe inflamed and sore skin. Afterwards pat your skin dry and then use our Natural Mineral Body Lotion to moisturise your skin.

When you’re showering, use our Natural Mineral Shower Creme which cleanses and moisturises the skin.

If you’re troubled by eczema on your scalp, then you could try our Natural Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner which has had excellent reports.

You can find all our products in Boots – they’re not expensive and you can also buy them online here.

In the meantime, if you’ve identified any eczema triggers we haven’t mentioned above, please let us know and tell us how you deal with them.


The misery of psoriasis – is there anything you can do about it?

The misery of psoriasis – is there anything you can do about it?

Psoriasis isn’t a respecter of money, lifestyle or status – if you suffer from it, you suffer.

Even A-list celebs are allegedly afflicted.

But if you’re in the midst of a bout of psoriasis, knowing that there are famous  sufferers isn’t likely to make you feel much better about it.

And the trouble with psoriasis is that it can often flare up when you least want it to. Before you have an important meeting at work. Or a time you want to look your best – at a party or special event.

Over time you’ve probably become an expert at managing your own psoriasis and have a good idea of what triggers it. It might be stress. It might be certain foods. Sunshine. Maybe an allergy to something.

At the end of the day it’s all about avoiding those triggers as much as possible. Which is easier said than done. Because a bit of stress is good for us. Gives us the motivation to get things done, gives us energy and purpose.

Your doctor could well have prescribed steroid treatment to help you deal with your worst flare ups – and with very good reason.

But what’s a good way of maintaining your skin healthily in the meantime?

Well, many sufferers have found our natural Dead Sea products extremely useful in their maintenance programme.

Soaking in our Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts can soothe psoriasis and act as a natural destressor.

You might also like to try our Black Mud Mask and Sulphur Soaps. Using soap on your psoriasis may seem like a counter-intuitive idea but again, many sufferers have found them useful. Read their testimonials here and see for yourself.

After your bath or shower (try our Natural Mineral Shower Creme too) you could moisturise your skin with our Natural Mineral Body Lotion).

Apart from the testimonials, you can be assured that you aren’t putting any artificial chemicals on your skin. All our products are 100% natural from the Dead Sea, contain no parabens , no animal fats and are SLS free . They’re also vegan if that’s the diet you follow.

Maybe they’re worth a try? You can buy them all online in Boots here and none are expensive.