Psoriasis isn’t a respecter of money, lifestyle or status – if you suffer from it, you suffer.

Even A-list celebs are allegedly afflicted.

But if you’re in the midst of a bout of psoriasis, knowing that there are famous ¬†sufferers isn’t likely to make you feel much better about it.

And the trouble with psoriasis is that it can often flare up when you least want it to. Before you have an important meeting at work. Or a time you want to look your best – at a party or special event.

Over time you’ve probably become an expert at managing your own psoriasis and have a good idea of what triggers it. It might be stress. It might be certain foods. Sunshine. Maybe an allergy to something.

At the end of the day it’s all about avoiding those triggers as much as possible. Which is easier said than done. Because a bit of stress is good for us. Gives us the motivation to get things done, gives us energy and purpose.

Your doctor could well have prescribed steroid treatment to help you deal with your worst flare ups – and with very good reason.

But what’s a good way of maintaining your skin healthily in the meantime?

Well, many sufferers have found our natural Dead Sea products extremely useful in their maintenance programme.

Soaking in our Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts can soothe psoriasis and act as a natural destressor.

You might also like to try our Black Mud Mask and Sulphur Soaps. Using soap on your psoriasis may seem like a counter-intuitive idea but again, many sufferers have found them useful. Read their testimonials here and see for yourself.

After your bath or shower (try our Natural Mineral Shower Creme too) you could moisturise your skin with our Natural Mineral Body Lotion).

Apart from the testimonials, you can be assured that you aren’t putting any artificial chemicals on your skin. All our products are 100% natural from the Dead Sea, contain no parabens , no animal fats and are SLS free . They’re also vegan if that’s the diet you follow.

Maybe they’re worth a try? You can buy them all online in Boots here and none are expensive.