Are You Troubled By Insomnia?

Are You Troubled By Insomnia?

It’s often the case that when we have a busy, active life we’re actually troubled – ironically – by insomnia.

There’s nothing worse than feeling tired, planning on having an early night – and then being unable to sleep.

So what can you do to help this?

Taking medication for insomnia isn’t always the answer – although it’s a good idea to make an appointment to visit your GP if it’s starting to become a real problem.

There are in fact other things you can do to help encourage healthy sleeping patterns in the meantime.

Avoiding caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant. So if you find it hard to drop off to sleep, you might want to reassess your caffeine intake. Resolve to avoid caffeine-containing drinks after 3pm in the afternoon and switch to caffeine-free tea and coffee and soft drinks instead. Some people report that a night-time drink of camomile tea helps.

Also alcohol

You may think that a glass or two of wine helps you to feel sleepy, but in fact you don’t sleep as soundly after you’ve had a few drinks in the evening – so limit your intake.


This is a good way to make your body feel naturally tired – particularly if you have a desk bound job. Your brain may be weary but your body may be under exercised. Try and build exercise into your day – a visit to the gym, a brisk walk.

Keep to the same sleep pattern

Although a lie-in at the weekends may be tempting, it actually disrupts your sleep cycle. So set an alarm at weekends and don’t lie in too long.

A relaxing bath

Try and have a wind-down routine at the end of the day. A relaxing bath will help (this is one of the recommendations given by the NHS for insomnia) – and this is the perfect time to throw in a handful of our Genuine Dead Sea Bath Salts which will relax and soothe your muscles. If you’d like to add a touch of fragrance, then try our Aromatherapy Bath Salts to scent the water. The natural minerals contained in our bath products are reportedly very soothing and calming.

Finally – bedtime is not the time to check your e mails, social media channels and text messages. Screens are said to disrupt sleep and so it’s much better to read an old-fashioned book, newspaper or magazine just before you turn the light out!


Summer Skin Prep – How To Prepare To Bare

Summer Skin Prep – How To Prepare To Bare

Suddenly summer seems to be well on its way.

And it’s time to be thinking about what you’re going to wear in the warmer weather.

Shorts, summer dresses, short sleeved tops …

With that comes the prospect of baring your limbs … and after a winter encasing your legs in opaque tights and trousers you might feel there’s a bit of work to be done to get your legs looking summer ready.

After a few months of  being covered up, our skin can look a little pasty and less than glowing. (And by the way, it might also be time to be thinking of a pedicure too).

Which is where we can help

You’ll need to start off by prepping your skin so it’s ready to be on show.

You might want to start using a gradual tan moisturiser that builds up colour gently – so that your legs and arms have a subtle glow – we’re not talking orange here – but looking lightly sunkissed. For this to work, you have to have an even, well-moisturised base so that you avoid the dreaded streaky effect.

It’s all in the preparation.

Get ready by exfoliating your skin. Remove dull surface skin cells by using a skin scrub – our Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense is perfect for this. When you’re showering, grab a handful and wake up your skin by working it onto the surface in a circular motion. (You’re going to love the smell by the way).  Wash it off and you’ll notice an immediate difference – your skin will be smoother and you’ll have got the circulation going.

After your shower whilst your skin is still warm, apply a moisturiser. Work it well into areas like your ankles, knees, feet, elbow and hands. (Again, our Natural Mineral Body Lotion is ideal for this.)

Let the body lotion soak in and if you’re then planning on using a fake tan or gradual build-up tan, then apply it evenly where you’ve moisturised. By moisturising first, you’ll get a much more natural-looking effect and will avoid areas of uneven light and dark tan which will look strange.

Follow this routine daily and in a few days you’ll have arms and legs you’ll be proud to show off on sunny days – forgetting about wearing tights and trousers.

What about your feet?

If you’re going to give yourself a pedicure at home, so your feet are ready to be on display, then start off by soaking them in a bowl of our Dead Sea Bath Salts or Aromatherapy Bath Salts. This will soften any hard skin so that you can remove it easily with a pumice stone or foot file – whatever is your preference.

You can then buff up your skin using our Dead Sea Body Scrub, getting rid of any remaining callouses. Rinse and then apply our Natural Mineral Body Lotion , rubbing well into your feet. Then you can get started on your pedicure, evening up your cuticles and deciding on what colour nail varnish you’re going to choose.

At the end of the day

If you’re planning on going out to soak up the sun, look after your skin by applying a cream with an SPF that suits you. Tan gradually, don’t expose winter skin to the sun without protection and for long periods.

You’ll find all our products in Boots and you can also buy all of the above online.

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Skincare For Vegetarians

Skincare For Vegetarians

So what is a vegetarian?

The Vegetarian Society defines a vegetarian as: “Someone who lives on a diet of grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits with, or without, the use of dairy products and eggs. A vegetarian does not eat any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or by-products of slaughter.”

Once you’ve made the decision to become a vegetarian, you’ll find that you have to make a lot of choices – do quite a bit of research.And what sort of a vegetarian are you planning to be? There are different types.

 ~ Lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat both dairy products and eggs; this is the most common type of vegetarian diet.
~ Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy products but avoid eggs.
~ Vegans do not eat dairy products, eggs, or any other products which are derived from animals including honey.

You’ll have plenty of questions too. For example, how will you get enough iron and protein? Should you take supplements to ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need? And what about children? At what age can they become vegetarians?

One of the main concerns you may have is to know whether a product is vegetarian. You’ll find some good answers to this on the Vegetarian Society’s website here. 

vegetarian society aprons

Image via Vegetarian Society


And What About Vegetarian Skin care?

If you’re going along the vegetarian route, you’re going to want to know that the products you use on your skin are conducive with your vegetarian lifestyle.

In which case, you can be reassured that all Dead Sea Bath Care products are 100% vegetarian and contain no animal products whatsoever. They also haven’t been tested on animals either. So they’re perfect for vegans too.

Our skincare lotions, shampoos, conditioners, soaps and bath salts are all created from naturally occurring minerals from the Dead Sea, a source of skincare goodness for thousands of years.

From that early morning shower using our shower cream, through to a relaxing evening bath filled with our bath salts, you can be confident that you’re sticking firmly to your vegetarian regime with your skincare.

As an added bonus, our Dead Sea products are also reported to help with eczema, acne, psoriasis and other skin complaints – so you if you suffer from any of these conditions you may find that you’re also improving the skin at the same time. (Read our testimonials page to see the reports people have given on symptom relief.) And because they’re natural, they’re SLS free and contain no parabens, so you can be assured that you aren’t confronting your skin with chemicals.

Look through our range and see what would suit you. Everything is available online or you can find our products in Boots. Nothing is expensive and prices start at £3.75 for our iconic Black Mud Mask Soap.


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10 Acne Treatment Myths

10 Acne Treatment Myths

There’s a lot of advice out there on how to treat acne. Some of it is good, some of it is a waste of time.

Here’s a list of 10 acne myths you needn’t take any notice of.

1. Scrubbing your skin with a deep cleanser daily will help to lift impurities and reduce acne. Not true. In fact, over stimulating the skin with harsh scrubs and brushes can actually make acne worse and may cause pimples to become infected. Instead use a gentle cleanser to clean the skin – like our Black Mud Mask soap – which won’t dry out the skin’s surface.

2. Steam baths and saunas will help acne. No they won’t. You’ll sweat certainly, but this won’t have a beneficial effect on your pores and won’t ‘unclog’ them.

3. Acne is something you have to put up with. No it’s not. There are some very effective medical treatments. If your acne is really getting you down, talk to your doctor who may refer you to a dermatologist. Severe acne can cause scarring – have it treated early and this could be avoided.

4. Fatty foods cause acne. A good diet is essential for your general well-being but indulging in pizza, chocolate, crisps from time to time won’t make an acne problem worse.

5. Acne can be caught by skin contact. No – it’s not infectious.

6. Acne only affects teenagers. Unfortunately acne can break out on skin at different ages – particularly at times of hormonal surges – like during the menopause.

7. Don’t use a moisturiser on skin affected by acne or you’ll make the problem worse. In fact, skin affected by acne can feel dry and uncomfortable, so after cleansing it’s important to moisturise to reduce flaking and a tight feeling. Choose a noncomdogenic moisturiser instead (and on your body you might like to try our Dead Sea Natural Mineral Body Lotion). Our Natural Mineral Facial Wash can also help cleanse the skin without leaving it feeling tight.

8. Wearing too much make up can cause spots. In fact, wearing a concealer could help acne sufferers feel more confident. Make-up won’t make acne worse but it needs to be cleaned off properly before bed and always apply make up with clean hands to reduce the spread of bacteria.

9. Toothpaste applied to a spot will dry it out. There’s nothing in toothpaste that will help to clear up spots – leave it just for cleaning your teeth!

10. Squeeze spots to get rid of acne. Squeezing can actually prolong the appearance of a spot and risk skin scarring. Leave a spot alone, apply a topical treatment (which you can buy over the counter) and a concealer if you feel self conscious about it.

Many teenagers and acne sufferers swear by our natural mineral rich products for helping to clear up acne breakouts. Our Black Mud Mask soap has been reported to make a real difference to skin and you can buy it in Boots for just £3.75