It’s that time of year when teenagers are finally leaving home and embarking on one of life’s big adventures – starting at University.

It’s an emotional journey for all involved – and sometimes can be stressful.

For the young it means adapting to living in a completely different environment with increased personal responsibility, away from family, making new friends, studying a new subject …

And whilst a new chapter is opening that is going to be full of promise and excitement, the stresses involved can sometimes exacerbate an existing eczema or psoriasis condition.

Prevention in this case can may be better than cure, so it’s worth packing some Dead Sea Bathcare products along with all the other student paraphernalia.

We’d suggest our original Dead Sea Bath Salts – perfect for sinking into after an afternoon’s sport or after a tough day at lectures.

If time is a bit more limited then use Dead Sea Natural Mineral Shower Creme and moisturise afterwards with Dead Sea Body Lotion.

All these products have had excellent reviews by eczema and psoriasis sufferers who have found they really relieved symptoms.

For acne breakouts, our Black Mud Mask Soap has a cult following – and also helps with other skin conditions.

None of our products are expensive, they can all be bought in Boots and are suitable for vegans. They are also chemical free and only contain natural ingredients so users can be reassured they’re only putting natural goodness from the Dead Sea onto their skin .

You can buy all our Dead Sea products online here – browse through.

Even if you don’t suffer from a skin complaint, all our skincare products are wonderful for maintaining a healthy skin and are SLS free and without parabens.