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Malki Dead Sea Products

Naturally Paraben Free

How Will My Skin Benefit?

Chemicals and detergents can irritate and inflame sensitive skin. So our products don’t have any. Just 100% natural goodness.

Why Dead Sea Products?

What is it about the Dead Sea? For centuries it’s been valued as a health haven for those troubled with skin problems. With our help you can immerse yourself in its renowned properties daily.

Absolutely No Detergents

Or animal fats and parabens. Because we think skincare products only need natural minerals and herbal oils – something that will come as a relief to eczema and asthma sufferers.

What Will Be Your Favourite?

Mums love our bath salts and soaps for troubled baby skin. And psoriasis and eczema sufferers have written to us raving about the products. As have acne stricken teens. In 25 years in the UK, we’ve attracted quite a following.

Minerals and Skincare

The sulphurous waters of the Dead Sea possess extraordinary qualities and rich health giving minerals; sulphur, iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium. Bathers have found relief in this special sea for centuries.

Where can I find the Malki Dead Sea Products?

You can buy our range online or visit Boots in your local High Street.

Achieve The Best Results

Try These Five popular Dead Sea Products

  • Dead Sea Genuine Bath Salts – soak away irritations, a favourite with psoriasis sufferers
  • Natural Sulpher Soap – appreciated by those affected with eczema
  • Natural Mineral Soap – creamy and soothing for dry skin
  • Black Mud Mask Soap – comforts troubled skin, popular with the acne afflicted
  • Dead Sea Shampoo – calms flaky scalps