Post holiday skincare

Post holiday skincare

There’s more  of a tang of autumn in the air now and it’s time to get ready to get the children back to school, think about putting away those summer clothes and watching the evenings grow darker.

And if you’ve had a late summer holiday or you’re about to, then you also need to be thinking about post holiday skincare

If you’ve got a bit of a tan whilst you’re away and you want to keep that golden glow for as long as possible, then you need to exfoliate.  In addition, as your tan fades, you may find that your skin gets a bit dryer and even a bit scalier in places, so keeping it polished and moisturised is the key to keeping it looking good.

It sounds a bit contradictory but in fact sloughing off the dead sea with gentle exfoliation and then moisturising will actually make your tan glow for longer.

Start off by showering with our Dead Sea Natural Mineral Shower Creme and then scoop up a handful of our Dead Sea Frankincense Body Scrub. Work it over your arms and legs, paying particular attention to elbows and heels. Then rinse off and enjoy the silky smooth feeling of your skin.

When your skin is still damp it’s time to moisturise. Use our Dead Sea Natural Mineral Body Lotion, again working into areas like heels, knees, elbows where the skin can be a bit dry.

Now you can either leave things as they are – or prolong your glow by applying a fake tan. There are some amazing products around now.  Some give you an instant glow, which have the advantage of letting you see immediately where the tan is going and which areas you need to blend so that you don’t get uneven lines and blotches. Although if you’ve prepped your skin carefully, by exfoliating and moisturising as above, this is much less likely to happen.

Another type we like which is subtle and give you a gradual glow, are those moisturiseres with a built-in tanner that works slowly, and builds up a tan the more you use it. Althgough these are moisturisers, it’s still a good idea to use a separate moisturiser beforehand so your skin is really really prepped well.

That’s also why we say pay attention to areas like heels, elbows and knees. If you put on fake tan in these areas without moisturising, you will get a tell-tale darker area and streaky fake tan is far worse than having pale legs!

Post holiday skincare shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes or so a day. But if you invest the time in it, you’ll get to keep that holiday glow for longer, through more of these autumn days.

In addition, we’re currently running a three for two offer in Boots at the moment – so there’s no better time to buy your Dead Sea products ….

Your Perfect Summer Pedicure

Your Perfect Summer Pedicure

With the arrival of some swelteringly hot weather, you’ll have been wanting to stay cool.

So it’s been time to ditch the winter boots and shoes and step out in flip-flops and sandals – which means that your feet are going to be on show big time.

There’s no point splashing out on a pretty pair of summer strappy flats if you’re going to spoil the effect by sliding in a pair of uncared for, knarly feet.

Look after yourself and show your feet off at your best by getting a proper pedicure. You want a pedicure that includes a foot massage (to get the circulation going), attention to areas of dry and calloused skin, and of course a detailed look at your toe nails.

You can get things on the right track before you go off for a pedicure by soaking your feet in a bowl (or better still when you have a bath) of our Dead Sea Genuine Bath Salts. These will help the circulation, draw out toxins and soften any hard skin – which you can then work on with a pumice stone.

Another way of waking your feet up to summer is by using our Dead Sea Body Scrub to give them a really good polish. The scented grains not only feel good (you’ll find them very invigorating) but the rubbing action will also boost circulation and the coarse grains will get to grips with any dry skin areas.

Then it’s off for your pedicure. We think it’s always best to go with a friend if you can, so you can chat, gossip and catch up whilst your feet are being attended to.

There’s sure to be a beautician, nail bar or department store near you that does pedicures (although it’s always best to book in advance) and one company we like are Nails Inc – who aside from having some wonderful coloured nail varnish, have pedicure bars all over the country – you can book here.

When you’re choosing your nail varnish, you could opt for a gel finish – which will last for up to three weeks. A good idea if you’re going on a beach holiday and you don’t want your nails to chip – however you’ll have to get a gel pedicure removed professionally – you can’t do it with standard nail varnish remover!

To keep your feet looking lovely, massage in a foot cream every night – you could also use our Dead Sea Natural Mineral Body Lotion for this – paying particular attention to the skin on your heels.

And to maintain soft feet, use our Dead Sea Body Scrub and Dead Sea Genuine Bath Salts to give those tooties a treat.

You can buy all our Dead Sea products online from Boots now. Remember they are vegan and contain only natural minerals – so you’re not putting any chemicals on your skin.

Featured image via Nails Inc. You can book a pedicure with them here. 

Summer Skin Prep – How To Prepare To Bare

Summer Skin Prep – How To Prepare To Bare

Suddenly summer seems to be well on its way.

And it’s time to be thinking about what you’re going to wear in the warmer weather.

Shorts, summer dresses, short sleeved tops …

With that comes the prospect of baring your limbs … and after a winter encasing your legs in opaque tights and trousers you might feel there’s a bit of work to be done to get your legs looking summer ready.

After a few months of  being covered up, our skin can look a little pasty and less than glowing. (And by the way, it might also be time to be thinking of a pedicure too).

Which is where we can help

You’ll need to start off by prepping your skin so it’s ready to be on show.

You might want to start using a gradual tan moisturiser that builds up colour gently – so that your legs and arms have a subtle glow – we’re not talking orange here – but looking lightly sunkissed. For this to work, you have to have an even, well-moisturised base so that you avoid the dreaded streaky effect.

It’s all in the preparation.

Get ready by exfoliating your skin. Remove dull surface skin cells by using a skin scrub – our Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense is perfect for this. When you’re showering, grab a handful and wake up your skin by working it onto the surface in a circular motion. (You’re going to love the smell by the way).  Wash it off and you’ll notice an immediate difference – your skin will be smoother and you’ll have got the circulation going.

After your shower whilst your skin is still warm, apply a moisturiser. Work it well into areas like your ankles, knees, feet, elbow and hands. (Again, our Natural Mineral Body Lotion is ideal for this.)

Let the body lotion soak in and if you’re then planning on using a fake tan or gradual build-up tan, then apply it evenly where you’ve moisturised. By moisturising first, you’ll get a much more natural-looking effect and will avoid areas of uneven light and dark tan which will look strange.

Follow this routine daily and in a few days you’ll have arms and legs you’ll be proud to show off on sunny days – forgetting about wearing tights and trousers.

What about your feet?

If you’re going to give yourself a pedicure at home, so your feet are ready to be on display, then start off by soaking them in a bowl of our Dead Sea Bath Salts or Aromatherapy Bath Salts. This will soften any hard skin so that you can remove it easily with a pumice stone or foot file – whatever is your preference.

You can then buff up your skin using our Dead Sea Body Scrub, getting rid of any remaining callouses. Rinse and then apply our Natural Mineral Body Lotion , rubbing well into your feet. Then you can get started on your pedicure, evening up your cuticles and deciding on what colour nail varnish you’re going to choose.

At the end of the day

If you’re planning on going out to soak up the sun, look after your skin by applying a cream with an SPF that suits you. Tan gradually, don’t expose winter skin to the sun without protection and for long periods.

You’ll find all our products in Boots and you can also buy all of the above online.

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