Sometimes amazing products can surprise you.

Which is just what happened when the Telegraph reviewed our Dead Sea Body Scrub.

Our packaging may not be the most glossy or expensive (which is why we manage to keep the price of our products affordable) because we think it’s what’s inside that counts.

And that’s exactly what the Telegraph beauty editor Katy Young  discovered.

After using the scrub she raved about it, saying: “an excellent, all-natural, body scrub to really smooth and polish skin (without any harsh scraping or scratching), while the frankincense oil doubles up as a pampering ritual too.  The oil stays on skin for a gorgeous glow, so that your skin looks shiny and new, and so that you won’t have to add body moisturiser post-shower. An unsuspecting beauty winner!”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

The Dead Sea Body Scrub is perfect for prepping your skin when you’re off to the beach or baring your limbs in shorts or summer skirts. And at just £7.79 a pot in Boots, isn’t it time you tried it?

You can read the Telegraph beauty editor’s review in full here