Dead Sea Products

Bodyscrub with Frankincense Oil

For the first time you’ll be happy to call yourself a scrubber! Malki’s new Dead Sea scrub banishes dull dry skin, leaving you silky and soft. From now on fabulous skin is only a fingertip away.

For thousands of years the Dead Sea salts have been used in beauty treatments and cures for problem skin. The highly concentrated minerals work wonders on stressed skin, especially seeming to benefit sufferers of eczema and psoriasis.

Our skin is our biggest organ and most of us are guilty of serial neglect. It’s time to give your body a boost and you’ll be rewarded with a body so soft and sumptuous looking, that stripping off will no longer be stressful. Dead Sea salt scrub is a deliciously buttery, two-in-one exfoliator and moisturizer. Created by fusing nutrient-rich Dead Sea salts with Frankincense aromatherapy oil. The detergent and chemical free formula is soft but effective on all skin types so it won’t upset sensitive souls.

Simply swirl the pot to blend the ingredients and scoop up a handful. Then, beginning at the tips of your toes, start to massage. The Dead Sea scrub has a dual purpose. Firstly, the grains gently give dead skin cells the brush-off and the massaging action helps smooth the surface and flush away toxin build-up. Secondly, the miraculous minerals, like purifying sulphur and nourishing calcium, are pumped deep into your skin’s pores to bring your body back into balance.

Frankincense was brought by the three wise men in biblical times and is still widely used by beauty experts today. With good reason: it has both a calming and comforting effect. Aromatherapists often use it to treat tiredness, grumpiness and control tension. This scrub utilizes the purest oil to deliver a massive moisture surge to replace lost hydration whilst unwinding tense muscles and bringing back your zing. You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to reap the rewards of the Dead Sea, just one small pot can transform a boring bathroom into your own secret spa. Shut the door on the world and give yourself and your skin deserving treat.