Dead Sea Salts

100% Natural

Dead Sea Delights!

When you want to soothe your body and get your skin in show-off shape, do what those ancient beauties, Cleopatra and the Queen of Shebah, did all those years ago and call on the health and beauty benefits of the Dead Sea. Knowing that these healing waters were jam-packed with powerfully therapeutic minerals, those savvy sovereigns would visit regularly to keep themselves looking and feeling fab. Luckily for us modern girls, Malki’s range of Dead Sea products have captured the wonders of the Dead Sea and can give us all the marvellous mineral therapy we need – right in the luxury of our own home.

Relax – Run a warm bath and add two handfuls of Dead Sea bath salts

The potent combination of natural minerals in these salts includes potassium which helps regulate the fluid balance within our bodies and improve circulation and magnesium and bromide to calm and restore the system. There’s also evidence that regular salt baths detoxify and reduce fluid retention in the tissues, so not only is it the perfect remedy for reviving energy in tired, post-gym bodies, it’s a blissful solution for those seeking relief from health problems like aching joints, too. Make your bathtime ritual a real holistic indulgence by playing gentle music to help you unwind and light a few candles around the room to evoke a tranquil atmosphere. Now, all that’s left for you to do is to lie back and let those Dead Sea minerals work their magic…!

Get in a lather with Malki Mineral Soap

Once you feel totally energised, it’s time to get that skin glowing. Because Malki Mineral Soap is totally natural and contains no animal fats, chemicals or detergents it’s the first choice for those of us who suffer from skin problems or sensitivity. Delicately scented with vegetable oils and olive, palm and coconut oil, it’s gentle enough to use all over – even on your baby’s precious skin. But leaving your skin feeling velvety soft and super-clean isn’t Malki mineral soap’s only aim, its Dead Sea minerals are also in force to help relieve the irritation and itching common in skin complaints such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Leave Skin Glowing with Malki Black Mud Mask Soap

You’re feeling good and looking great – but could look even better! For those times when your skin could use a little help, have Malki Black Mud Mask Soap ready for action. Made from the Dead Sea’s mineral rich mud, this unperfumed, earthy smelling soap gets to work removing rough skin from elbows, knees and feet. To give your complexion a deep-down clean, the Black Mud Mask Soap is a perfect quick-fix mask: leave it on for 2-3 minutes to draw out impurities, then rinse off to reveal clearer, brighter skin.

So it seems those ancient rulers knew a good thing when they saw it. Show that you do too and incorporate these 3 desirable Malki Dead Sea products into your health and beauty routine and keep the secret of the sea alive in your bathroom!