There’s no two ways about it, acne can be a real blight.

It generally rears its ugly head during puberty – when to be honest, teenagers have quite enough other things to be thinking about rather than getting zits. Stuff like making GCSE choices, studying, friendships, relationships, sports …

Having regular skin breakouts can result in a real confidence crisis. And acne isn’t just confined to teenagers either – it can also appear in adults at times of hormonal changes like the menopause.

Nowadays there are loads of acne treatments available – creams, lotions, facial washes – and in extreme cases a GP might prescribe a course of medication.

But what can you do to lessen the symptoms of acne and help yourself to make breakouts of spots and pimples less regular? Keep those zits under control?

First of all, carry on living a healthy lifestyle

Get plenty of fresh fruit, exercise (outside if possible), sleep and try not to get too stressed. Exercise and meditation can cause real alleviation of stress symptoms, so think about activities you enjoy that you will stick to.

Change your pillowcase daily to stop bacteria multiplying. Drink plenty of water.

What about skincare that will help spots and pimples?

There are a lot of acne products out there which claim to eliminate blackheads, spots, banish redness and give you a cure.

Well, some may work but many are very harsh on the skin and can create a whole different set of problems and even spark up an allergic reaction.

It’s best to start off taking things gently. Use natural products with a minimum of additives (like perfume). Cleansers that clean the skin effectively without draining out all the natural oils the dermis needs to stay healthy.

It might seem odd to use soap on your face – but many acne sufferers have tried our Black Mud Mask Soap and reported that it has made a real difference to reducing breakouts of spots.

It’s not expensive (£3.75 in Boots)

You can use it as a face wash – or as a mask (in which case leave it on your face for a minute or so to allow the natural minerals to sink into your pores).

And of course, its use isn’t just restricted to your face. You can use it all over your body, particularly on areas prone to acne like backs and chests.

Because it contains only natural ingredients, it is sls free and contains no parabens, so you know that there are no unpleasant chemicals with potential side effects lurking. And it’s also suitable for vegans.

OK magazine said our products “help skin complaints, such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, as well as stimulating the blood circulation and cell rejuvenation.”

You can read more reviews from happy customers about how Black Mud Mask soap has helped with acne, spots and blemishes here.

But perhaps you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Why not buy a bar of Black Mud Mask soap and see what a difference it could make to your skin?

A bar will last you a good few weeks. You won’t see results overnight – the soap has a build-up effect, but within a few days you may well be delighted with the positive effective it has on your acne problems.