The weather is getting better. It’s lighter in the evenings, lighter in the mornings and there’s more daylight to be out and about in.

Which means that we’re all more inclined to be active. And with the prospect of showing off more flesh on the beach and in summer clothes, you might feel prompted to shape up a bit, drop a few pounds and tone up.

It’s classic that after Wimbledon you get to see more people out on public tennis courts, knocking up. When the rest of the year they don’t venture onto a court at all.

The trick is not to overdo things too quickly

When you see an athlete or a perfectly honed body, what you have to remember is that it didn’t happen overnight.

Building up a six pack and perfect legs takes time and effort.

So don’t throw yourself into a faddish exercise and diet regime because it won’t last – and you can’t expect quick results either.

Slow and steady is the way to go.

Start every day with some gentle stretches. Work out how you can fit exercise into your schedule in the longterm. Rather than go on a crash diet, research healthy eating patterns that you are going to be able to stick with.

And as far as exercise goes, if you go all out for a run, tennis game or gym session when you’re not used to it, you’re to pull a muscle or damage a joint and then you’ll be out of the game for ages.

So take some professional advice, have a session with a personal trainer to see what’s doable and work out how much weight you want to lose and how long it’s going to take you (a 1lb a week is healthy). Oh, and remember to drink plenty of water during your sessions to make sure you are hydrated.

When you’re on a fitness and health regime, you’re going to want to pamper yourself and reward yourself too

So treat yourself occasionally – maybe some chocolate, a glass of wine, your favourite pudding.

And after exercising, the perfect way to reward your body is with a soak in our Genuine Dead Sea Bath Salts (which don’t involve you taking on board any calories!).

Let the bath salts work their centuries-old magic by relaxing and soothing tired muscles. And if you’d like to soak in water that’s fragranced, try our Bath Salts wtih Frankincense and Rose Petals¬†or Jasmine and Rose Petals.

Afterwards, smooth some of our Natural Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotion into your skin. (Which has also been reported to help with eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.)

You can rest assured that you’re avoiding any artificial chemicals – all our products are 100% natural, vegan and sls free – they only contain naturally occuring minerals from the Dead Sea, a source of comfort for skin conditions and tired bodies for centuries past.

You can buy our Bath Salts and other products here online at Boots or in the High Street.

So when you’re preparing for sport, make sure we’re part of your post-exercise wind down regime!