Eczema can be miserably itchy. Children with eczema are constantly told “don’t scratch.” And put in gloves at night so they don’t damage their skin during their sleep.

So the concept of using bath salts to help ease eczema symptoms may seem to be rather contradictory. Surely a product like bath salts could sting, rather than soothe the condition?

But in fact our Genuine Bath Salts can do wonders for alleviating the dry skin conditions that accompany eczema and help the skin in a number of different ways. (We’re not just saying that, it’s what our loyal customers have written to tell us.)

  • Soothing and helping to heal soreness simultaneously
  • Reducing bacteria that may cause skin infection

Soaking in a mineral bath can also be very soothing and we’ve had many good reports on our bath salts. You don’t have to travel all the way to the Dead Sea to soak up the mineral goodness – you can buy it in Boots for £7.89. (It’s also safe to use for babies too.)

For everyday care, you might find our Sulphur Soap helpful too. Customers have reported finding it very soothing and say ‘it doesn’t sting” even when used on very active eczema patches. It is naturally moisturising and calming with no chemical irritants.

  • It removes dead skin cells to prevent the skin from flaking
  • It can be used on problem patches – like elbows, behind knees, ears …

Remember that eczema sufferers produce dead skin cells more frequently than those with normal skin. Cells that need to be treated and removed more regularly.

After bathing, moisturise the skin further with our Natural Mineral Body Lotion, which contains no chemicals, just natural mineral goodness.

Many of our loyal customers report that our Dead Sea products work almost instantly in alleviating eczema symptoms. However, we know that the effect is cumulative too – meaning that overtime the relief from problems becomes more and more effective. We like to think it’s the natural minerals doing their natural healing work on skin overloaded with the chemicals and stresses we all experience in everyday modern day life.

Eczema sufferers know that finding a treatment that works is a matter of trial and error. But many have found our products to be just what they needed – see what our loyal customers have to say here.

None of our products are expensive and all are under £10. You don’t pay for fancy packaging and advertising – just time-proven, chemical-free skincare that could be just what makes a difference to your eczema relief. And it is unlikely to irritate your skin.

So maybe give our natural products a try and see how they could improve your eczema symptoms.