Looking good, feeling great

It’s a cliché, but if you feel good, then you’re likely to glow from the inside out and look your best as a result. Maybe that’s why brides always seem to have a beautiful glow on their wedding days!

But what if you find that your skin tends to let you down?

If you have a condition like eczema, psoriasis or acne then it’s hard to feel great on the inside when you don’t feel you look your best.

Which is where we’d like to help you

Our products are all 100% natural and have helped many sufferers of skin conditions. Some acne sufferers wouldn’t be without our cult Black Mud Mask soap. Many teenagers put far too many astringent chemicals on their skin in the hope of making it clearer but in many cases all this does is exacerbate the problem causing redness and dryness. Far better to use something that’s more natural that won’t stir up trouble.

We’re delighted to report that irritating conditions like scalp psoriasis have also been eased by products like our conditioner.

teenagers with good skin

Clear, unblemished skin is a real mission for many teenagers who suffer from acne

The waters of the Dead Sea have long been a source of relief to sufferers of skin complaints, rheumatism and arthritis. Now of course, in an ideal world, you’d have a special tap in your bathroom that ran water direct from the Dead Sea so that you could soak up its benefits whenever you wanted.

Obviously, that’s not a practical solution but choosing a Dead Sea product you can soak in, lather onto your skin or wash your hair with is an easy way forward.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you can be very comfortable using our products as they contain no animal fats at all. Also no parabens and are sls free, so you’re also looking after your skin without resorting to chemicals.

Rather than creating fancy packaging and paying supermodels to promote our products, we’ve always preferred to let them speak for themselves. And if you look at some of the write-ups and reviews by the Financial Times and various magazines, as well as our loyal customers, you’ll see why.

You might like to start off by trying our Natural Mineral Soap which you can buy in Boots for just £3.75 or maybe our Natural Mineral Shower Cream at £7.79.

It could be a whole new start for your skincare routine – see what a difference we make to your skin  in 2015.